What Parents Are Saying

So Cool!

"This was so cute. My son thought it was so cool that the Elves came to visit him. I also liked that they parked further down the street so that it seemed as if they arrived and left by magic. Thanks again!"

Best Night of Her Life!

"Happy and Gumdrop were great. I loved how they incorporated the story of St.Nicholas into their visit. I think my daughter was shocked at first and didn't know how to react to two elves just showing up at her house and knowing information about her. She loved the elf that Happy and Gumdrop gave her. After the Elf Encounter, my daughter had to tell her grandmother and aunt about the elves. She told her aunt that she had the best night of her life. Thank you!!" 

Absolutely Fabulous!

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for a MAGICAL morning! My son was speechless! Our two Elves were absolutely fabulous! We LOVED them! The whole experience from their knock on the door, to sharing details from their Santa book, to reading a story, everything was fantastic! My son was in awe the entire time! And the icing on the cake was our gifts and photo with the Elves! Thank you for a beautiful, memorable experience! We are sure to make this a part of Christmas tradition! Many blessings to our Elves! I highly recommend this experience to all the believers out there!" 

The Elves Were Perfect!

"My grandson was so excited! The Elves were perfect!"

A Magical Event!

"The Elves came and visited us last weekend. It was a magical event for my two sons and nephew. The Elves did a fantastic job and the kids were in awe! They are still talking about it!"

Truly Priceless!

The Elves made a surprise visit to my 2 granddaughters. I have never seen them so happy and excited! They were absolutely amazed that Santa had sent his Elves to their house and that the elves already knew so much about them. The look of wonder on their faces was truly priceless!!"