Explain Your-elf!

The Story

The doorbell rings. Mom is too busy to notice. Dad is in his favorite chair and not about to get up to answer the chime. A pair of children's feet race towards the door. What more exciting sound is there around the Christmas season than the sound of a doorbell ringing?! 

"Who is it?" Dad bellows
from the living room. 


"Miles, sweetie, who is at the door?" Mom inquires.


Finally both parents head to the door and find their 6 yr old,
standing there, mouth agape, eyes wide,
as one of Santa's elves introduces himself.

"Miles, my name is Figgy and
I was sent here directly
by the big man himself."

"How did you know my...?"

"How did I know your name? C'mon Miles. I told you I was sent here by the big man himself. Does Santa know your name? Does Santa know that you are in Mrs. Matthew's kindergarten class? Does Santa know all of those things? Uhmm, yes. And THAT is why he sent me! Now, if it's alright with your parents, may I come in for a couple minutes?"

Long ago, Santa realized that he couldn't possibly be everywhere at the same time. So, in all of his holly jolly wisdom, Santa created an elite group of special forces Elves, The 25th Airborne Echo Company.  These Elves fan out all over the globe, checking in with boys and girls to make sure they are staying off of the naughty list and to guarantee that their Christmas spirit is in tip-top shape for the big day. These Elves have done their homework. They know things. They know things that only Santa could've told them. And all of these yuletide tidbits of information work their way into each encounter, making it a completely unique and absolutely unforgettable experience.

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