Magic at Your Doorstep!

Imagine one of Santa's elves at your doorstep, creating a unique and personalized experience. 

Send In The Elves!

Imagine a Christmas that didn't involve spending hours in line at the mall waiting for the generic experience of
taking a picture with a kind-hearted stranger dressed in a red suit. Imagine a Christmas where one of
Santa's elves showed up at your doorstep, ready to engage and delight the little ones in your life.
Imagine your child's eyes widening when the magical elf speaks to them by name and
knows all about them and what they want for Christmas, creating a unique and personalized experience.  

Between November 23 and December 23,
the magic of Christmas can show up on your doorstep.

It's time to Send in the Elves!

What the Elf?!

When you click on the button below, you will be directed to our online questionnaire. Using the information you provide, our Elves will work their Christmas magic to create a unique holiday experience for the special child in your life. When the doorbell rings, your child will be standing face-to-face with one of Santa's Elves! Your Elf will "magically" know your child by name and know many other things that only Santa could've told them. Once your child's name has been checked off Santa's list, no moment this magical would be complete without capturing the moment in an "Elfie" which you can easily share with family and friends via social media. Christmas will never be the same!

Send In The Elves!

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Space is limited so act now to book your Elf Encounter in Cary, Apex, Morrisville and Raleigh.

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